1) what is this site about?

We see our site as a tool to help you get through breakup phase. We believe sharing and putting your thoughts to words helps to understand unresolved emotions. 

2) Is this site limited to people who are going through a breakup phase?

No, we strongly encourage people in relationship to join our site and share their stories, experiences and  answer relationship questions. 

3) Can I get professional help through this site?

At this point, we are not providing any professional help. We strongly recommend that you use your best judgment to follow any advice/suggestions from other users. Any answers/suggestions on this site cannot be viewed as professional advice.

4) Is there any charge to use this site?

No, at this point, this website is absolutely free.

5) Is this a dating site?

No, we are not a dating site but we do provide features to connect and interact with other users. You never know when and where you can meet that special someone!

6) What is the difference between "My Story" and "Story Dashboard" in my profile?

You have two options when you post your story:

Save to My story :This option saves your story to " My Story" section and you can control who can see these stories in the privacy settings. 

Share to Story Dashboard : This options lets you share the story to the "Story Dashboard" section which displays all the stories from all the users on the site. This section is public and cannot be controlled via privacy settings. By default, any story you post to "Story Dashboard" will be saved to "My story" section as well.

7) What is the difference between "My Questions " and "Question Dashboard" in my profile?

My Questions : Saves and displays all the questions you posted on the site

Question Dashboard: Displays all the questions from all the users on the site.

8) What is "My Answers"

This section displays all the answers you have provided to other users on the site. Users visiting your profile can view this section depending on your privacy settings.

9) Do you post or update my content to other social networking sites?

We do not post any content to other social networking sites automatically. However, we do provide an option to share content to other social networking sites.

10) How do I let you know if I am seeing an issue on the site?

We strive to provide best user experience without any issues but please do use our "Feedback" form to reach out to us if you are seeing any issues.